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Sunday & Dollys Natural Dog Treats

The Paw Project UK Rescue Box

The Paw Project UK Rescue Box

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The Paw Project Rescue Box is an exclusive, limited-edition collection of special treats for all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs. For each purchase of the box, 40% of the proceeds are donated to The Paw Project UK., a non-profit overseas dog rescue organization based in the UK. With 20 individually different Treats, your pup will have plenty to choose from!

Each Box contains*:-

  • Hairy Lamb Skin x 100g
  • British Tripe x 50g
  • Pork Rind Pieces x 50g
  • Natural Pig Snouts x 50g
  • Beef Testicles x 50g
  • Whole Bulls Tail x 1
  • Beef Moon Bone x 1
  • Natural Chicken Feet x 2
  • Natural Paddywack x 50g
  • Goose Wing x 1
  • Duck Feet x 2
  • Meat Filled Bone x 1
  • Turkey Wing x1
  • Hoofs (unfilled) x1
  • Fish Sprats x 50g
  • Hairy Cows Ear x 1
  • Gourmet Chicken Sausages x 2
  • Rabbit Ears with Fur x 2
  • Pigs Ear x 1
  • Trachea 'Gullet' Cut 5" x 1

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